TUSCARAWAS COUNTY (WJER) - Tuscarawas County Health Department officials say they notice little difference in flu cases this year, despite the vaccine being less effective than the department hoped. Doctors say this year’s vaccine is only a 58-percent match for the influenza “B” strain. But nursing director Amy Kaser says it doesn’t seem to be impacting flu activity locally, as they’ve only seen the “A” strain in local children so far.

“The “B” strain they’re seeing right now is mainly affecting children. What we’ve seen in our area right now, is actually the “A” strain. We’ve not seen any of the “B” strain in children here.”   

Kaser recommends getting the flu vaccine anyway, as it decreases the symptoms if one should still catch the flu.
“If you’ve been sick with the flu, it’s still okay to get the flu vaccine as well. Because, again, they’re just different strains of the virus that kind of circulates around, so you’re still protecting yourself.” 

Kaser again stresses cleanliness, covering coughs, and staying home if sick until 24 hours after the fever breaks.

“Just make sure that surfaces are clean; your keyboards on your computer, your telephone, your door handle, those kinds of things. Again, go back through and make sure you’re keeping everything clean and sanitized.” 

Flu vaccines are still available at the Health Department. To make an appointment call 343-5555.