NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - Firefighters and police are working together to determine if a fire that did small damage at two properties was criminal in nature.  

New Philadelphia Fire Lt. Matthew Graham says a caller first reported a small brush fire that ended up spreading to a fence and detached garage in the 500 block of Ray Avenue NW at about 3:45 pm Thursday. It then spread to a small shed at a neighboring property. Graham says now they hope to learn if this was intentional.

“The police were involved because of a witness’ statement of some other individuals in the area, and they began interviewing the neighbor who made the initial call and then started to follow up with those individuals that were in the area,” he says.

Graham says the damage estimate was about $2,000. 

“The fire was contained to the exterior of those buildings,” he says. “There was no damage to the interior of those structures.”

Graham says police will then send their findings to the prosecutor to determine if any charges are warranted.      


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