Dundee, Ohio (WJER) - Strasburg firefighters say they were able to prevent a fire from destroying a mobile home in Dundee early today. 

Strasburg Fire Chief Dan Varner says the fire began at around 4 a.m. in the 9200 block of State Route 93 in Franklin Township. He says the fire appeared to have started in an unattached shed and was spreading into the nearby mobile home by the time the first crews from Dundee arrived at the scene. 

Varner says he believes the fire was electrical and caused by a malfunctioning heater.

“All indications point to a heater that was plugged to a water tank out there,” he says. 
Varner says the fire destroyed the shed and a car and burned the rear of the trailer, causing a total of about $40,000 in damage. 

“It did start to extend into the trailer to the rear. It got to the point where the exterior underneath the trailer started burning,” he says. 

Varner says the Dundee fire department did an excellent job of containing the fire until units from Strasburg, Beach City and Wilmot joined them at the scene.

“It was Strasburg’s fire, but Dundee, being in the proximity that it was, got on the scene and did an awesome job,” he says.

Varner says the fire was under control in about 30 minutes, and no one was injured. He says the residents will be staying with relatives until the trailer is repaired.

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