Dover, Ohio (WJER) - Dover firefighters say they were relieved to find the source of smoke that had them called out to Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital overnight.

Captain Brooks Ross says a battery backup for the hospital’s computer network overheated and caused them to respond for a general fire alarm at about 3:20 Wednesday morning. He says units arrived on the scene and observed an electrical burning smell coming from a basement utility closet full of computer cables and equipment.

“They had opened the doors up and the smoke had kind of dissipated when we looked at it but you could definitely smell a hot, electrical-type odor,” he said.

Ross says the incident disrupted some computers in the pharmacy and the controls for the hospital ventilation system but didn’t cause any other damage.  
“Everything else seemed to be ok so we didn’t want to disturb anything. We didn’t want to unhook any cables or anything like that so we ended up having to wait for one of their IT personnel to get there.  

Ross says the IT staff was able to identify the faulty backup battery as the problem and unhook it. He says the worker was able to replace the equipment and get everything working again.  


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