BOLIVAR (TuscoTV) - The Bolivar Fire Department and The American Red Cross would like to see a smoke detector in every Lawrence Township home.


Fire chief, Shawn Lynch says his department partnered with the Muskingum branch of the Red Cross to provide this service to residents.


"They gave us smoke detectors, and we're going to go around and install them for anybody who needs them in Lawrence Township," says Lynch.


Over 100 smoke detectors are available and free to install for the public. It only requires a call and an appointment.


Says Lynch, "Pretty much just call the fire station here during normal business hours during the week and schedule an appointment, and we'll show up and put them in for you."


Lynch says this is an important project, as it could greatly improve the safety of homeowners and residents.


"Smoke detectors save lives, you know? Every house should have at least one working smoke detector in it."


Lynch continues by citing a recent national news story here in Ohio.


"The other day, in Ohio --where it was on the national news-- showed a fire building up, and there was a kid on the couch, and the smoke detector alerted him, and he got out. So they work."


Both the smoke detectors and installation are free of charge by appointment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, stop by the Bolivar Fire Dept at 456 Water St SW, Bolivar, OH 44612, or call (330) 874-3115.