DOVER (WJER) - City officials say an Ohio House bill designed to rescue two struggling nuclear power plants hurts cities like Dover. 

The Associated Press reports the Ohio House approved house bill six last week to help first energy solutions keep its nuclear plants open. But Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen says it devalues efforts by cities like Dover to invest in renewable energy projects.

“It’s a detriment to public power communities because it negates all of the investment that we have made in clean energy in hydro, wind, and landfill gas,” he says.

Homrighausen says the new “Ohio Clean Air Program” will bail out first energy by adding a new charge on every electricity bill in Ohio to generate $200-million each year, mostly for the nuclear plants. Meanwhile, the AP reports it would no longer allow renewable energy projects, like the ones Dover has invested in, to receive the same incentives offered to the nuclear plants.

“It’s totally a bad deal,” he says.

Dover City Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday in opposition to House Bill 6. they will send it to the state senate, which is now considering the bill.


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