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Dover students in grades 8-12 recently had an opportunity to sign a steel beam that will go into the choir room ceiling at the new high school. (Submitted)

Dover, Ohio - Current and future Dover High School students are leaving a permanent imprint on their future school building.

Superintendent Carla Birney says students in grades 8-12 had an opportunity this past week to sign their names on a steel beam that will go into the choir room ceiling. She says they got the idea from other school districts that have done this with their new buildings. 

"We thought it was a great idea. Hammond Construction and Dover Tank and Plate were on board. They were able to move the beam into the front yard of the high school and the students were able to go out and they all signed their names and years of graduation," she says.

Birney says they thought this would be a fun way to get the students involved with the project and connect the present with the future. 

"We hope that when the new school opens, maybe they will be sitting in the choir room and be able to pick out their name or ten years from now when they’re back visiting Dover High School, they can still go in and pick out their name and maybe show their children someday," she says.

High School Principal Teresa Alberts says the students really seemed to enjoy doing this.

"We noticed that a lot of the kids as they were leaving were looking and pointing at where their name was on the beam and talking with their friends and they were pointing to where there’s was, and it was just neat to see that. They were interested and excited to see that their names were going to be in the new building," she says.

Alberts says staff members were also included in the activity. 

"For the staff members who are working here, they put down their graduation year, so that’s kind of neat that it’s connecting generations and something for generations to see because that beam will be there long after I’m sure I’m gone," she says.

Birney says the new building is expected to be move-in ready toward the end of next March.


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