Crews are putting the finishing touches on Dover's new fire substation on Dublin Drive. (Photo by Stacey Carmany)

Dover, Ohio (WJER) - The city’s new fire station on the north end of town is on schedule to be operating before the end of spring. 

Dover Fire Chief Russ Volkert on Monday evening gave city council members a tour of the nearly-complete facility just off North Wooster Avenue on Dublin Drive. It includes a two-bay garage for an ambulance and pumper truck, a tornado shelter, a field office to share with police, and living quarters for as many as nine firefighters. 

Councilman John McFadden says many will benefit from having a second station in addition to the one downtown.

“It may seem like a short drive to downtown Dover but you think about all the lights that [you] have to go through to get to downtown,” he says. “This is going to help any kind of response time for here up Aspen Drive, even clear out to Dundee. This will also help Strasburg in any kind of a response that they need to have. It puts them in real close proximity to the interstate.”

Volkert says the construction project has gone smoothly and it won’t be long before firefighters are in the building.

“All the work went to local firms. The farthest anyone was was Holmes County. That’s a best-case-scenario because the majority of the people that work for them were close at hand,” he says. “Then, when it got underway, all the contractors worked together absolutely in coordination. There was no arguments or issues about anything. 

Volkert says construction costs are just over $1.6 million, and the city had been putting aside money for the building for about the past seven years. He says Dover Township contributed $212,000. Volkert says the building should last the department for 70 years.


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