Dover Police and firefighters worked together to rescue this kitten from a storm sewer on West Second Street. (Dover Police Department)

DOVER (Tusco TV) - Police say a kitten they helped rescue Thursday night from a downtown storm sewer is now resting comfortably at home with one of their officers.

Officer Ryan Porter says firefighters called them in for backup after finding the tiny black kitten trapped in a sewer drain in the 200 block of West Second Street. 

"It was about probably 10 feet underground and there was a pipe between two manholes and it would just run back and forth between the two manholes. They had ladders and a couple of guys down in the sewer but they couldn’t get a hold of it because it was in a smaller pipe that they couldn’t crawl into," he says.

Porter says it took some creative thinking, but they were eventually able to free the feline.

"Eventually, we got the idea to use a water hose, like a garden hose, and spray a little bit of water down there, and we were able to flush the cat to one side. One of the firemen was able to grab it and brought it up to the street, and we had a box handy and a couple of towels so we dried it off and put it in the box and brought it back to the station," he says.

Porter says the kitten enjoyed a bath and a meal and kept them company until morning.


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