Dover, Ohio (WJER) - The city is again accommodating residents who are ready to spruce up their properties for the spring.  

Service Director Dave Douglas says they have opened up their yard waste drop-off collection site at the rear of the wastewater plant off Tuscarawas Avenue, just north of the river.

“It does help out with a lot of the people in the area, the ones that want to take their yard waste down there,” he says. “We’ve got several dumpsters down there they can put them in, or if you’ve got heavy loads, you can always put it to the side and we’ll load the dumpsters for you.”

Douglas says this yard waste drop-off site has been very valuable for the city. Otherwise, city workers have to go out to homes and collect the brush if requested.

“We’ve done that for many, many years where our general service department will go out and pick up brush in curb strips if people have it or in rear alleys and so forth,” he says. “If people have it out there for us, it saves them. Some people don’t have pickup trucks or any way to transport the brush down to the compost facility.”

Douglas says the collection site will be open from 8 am to 7 pm this month, then 8 am to 9 am through the summer.   



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