Dover, Ohio (WTUZ) – The main adult section at Dover Public Library will move to their community room briefly as renovations begin.

This work is part of the library’s Capital Campaign to update the library’s electrical system and remodel several sections.

Director Jim Gill says that the adult section is closed but books are still available in the community room.

The adult section will move again once remodeling work is finished.

<p>“It’ll be laid out a little differently. We’ll have a new primary help desk so that staff will be able to see the entrances and exits a little better. The big thing is that we are centralizing our technology and adult services check out desk. We’re going to have one place where if the public needs help they come to.”

Funds raised is around $440,000 and they will host an auction in August to make up the rest of the money for the project.

Go to for more information related to the project and for any changes related to construction. - Mary Alice Reporting

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