Dover, Ohio (WJER) - They city’s auditor says they are seeing the effects of the state’s centralized income tax collection system. 

Nicole Stoldt says with businesses now able to file through the state, Dover saw a slight drop in 2018 collections, and they’re keeping estimates for 2019 in line with that downward trend. Stoldt says her office will now work to allocate the funds for 2019 spending.     

“We received just about almost $8 million in sales tax last year. This year, we’re budgeting about $7.3 million to come in just to be on the conservative side,” she says. 

Stoldt says they prioritize their budget based on goals for the new year, while also funding things like the general fund, street fund as well as police and fire pensions.

“We try to do as much as we can to master capital because that’s the project’s the city’s going to do, so we’re going to do 25 percent to master capital, which it has been for several years now,” she says. 

Stoldt says the income tax collections will be allocated according to the temporary budget appropriations approved by council as they continue work on the city’s final budget. 


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