Dover, Ohio (WJER) - The city’s service director says his department is doing their best to fix the streets as winter continues crumbling asphalt all around the county. 

Dave Douglas says his guys are out every time the weather permits, filling potholes with about 8-tons of hot-patch every day. He says residents can help them find the problems.

“We can’t see them all, and they do. They call them in, and we also have a complaint (form) on our website to report a complaint. They’ll turn them in on that. A lot of them just call. If we can get to them real fast that makes a big difference on it,” he says. “We’re trying to keep the mains going because the main streets are the ones that have just really, really taken a hit.”
Meanwhile, Douglas says they are still waiting for their salt order to come through, with reserves running out and no word on when to expect their delivery.

“We’re waiting on more salt. We’re probably 400-plus tons down. They need to get it delivered to us,” he says. “February and March can be bad months.”

Douglas says ODOT is ready to lend the city salt if they would run out before their order finally arrives. 


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