DOVER (WJER) - City leaders are trying to make downtown feel a little more like home to some people. 

Zoning And Annexation Committee Chair John Correll says they are considering legislation that would rezone areas above businesses for residential use. Correll says it would be a better use of space that could also provide more affordable housing for people wanting to live in Dover.

“Actually, we think it’s a pretty good idea, really. You might as well open it up. There’s no reason to have empty facilities up there,” he says. “You only need so much storage, so if there’s places up there that people can move into an apartment, let ‘em do it.”

Correll says they will be holding a public hearing on the issue June 17th at 7:25 pm inside council chambers before making a decision.

“At this point, I think we’re leaning to the fact that it’s ok to live up there, as long as everybody else agrees, and there’s no reason to not agree with it. We’re not going to put anybody out on the street. We do want to make it legal,” he says. “It’s not legal yet but we want to make it legal.”

Correll says there are already people living above some business. he says having zoning laws in line with those tenants will also give them stability in their living arrangements. 


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