DENNISON (Tusco TV) - Dennison officials plan to flood parts of their local park in hopes of providing a natural skating rink for residents. Council President Greg DiDonato says it’s funny, because the city normally tries to keep water out of the PHAC.

“But right now, we have two retaining areas in our PHAC, because we have a levee around it. So, when you have a lot of rain, it really can’t get out of the levee.”

DiDonato says the levee holds the water until the creek drops, at which point a lever can release the standing water. He says it’s a process the city has followed for years, but the prospect of letting the water rest and freeze over doesn’t come without concerns.

“So, the big thing that always comes up is: Well, let me check our insurance. Our insurance is covered under parks… Like even in Columbus, they have ponds and everything else. They let them freeze, and they let people skate.”

DiDonato says that instead of releasing the water right away, they will hold it --removing some should it grow too high-- but otherwise allowing it to freeze and provide people with a place to ice skate and hang out. It was common when he was growing up in the area, DiDonato says.

“Matter of fact, what we used to do --the Christmas trees we picked up after Christmas-- we’d gather, and we’d throw them down there, so they could have a fire all the time, stay warm.”

As such, DiDonato says he hopes to include possible benches and campfire areas around the PHAC, so residents can relax, stay cozy, and gather for an occasional weenie roast. Of course, for the project to even be possible, DiDonato admits that first, we’ll have to have some cold weather.