Dennison, Ohio (WJER) - Dennison Fire Chief Dave McConnell says the statewide tornado siren test in March proved beneficial for the community’s testing system. He says leading up to the March 20th test, the village discovered some issues with its sirens, proving the effectiveness of the statewide test.

“We checked it ahead of time to make sure it was going to work and everything, and that’s we discovered that we had a few minor problems with it,” he says. “We got those corrected and it worked just fine.”

McConnell says those results inspired the village to schedule a monthly test of its tornado warning sirens on the first Monday of each month at 11 am. He says previously, the village only tested the system once a year during the statewide test.

“We’re gonna test the siren the first Monday of every month at 11 o’clock am just to make sure it’s operating and running properly like it should,” he says.

Dennison’s first monthly tornado siren test will be Monday, May 6th, at 11 a.m. McConnell says Dennison uses its tornado sirens when the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the area. He says if residents hear it during a weather emergency, they should seek shelter in the lowest part of the house.


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