New Philadelphia, Ohio - Twelve Tuscarawas County men and women are deciding the fate of a 36-year-old Coshocton man accused in a drug deal turned shooting.

Deliberations started Tuesday in the trial of Ian Cultrona after both sides in the case presented their closing arguments.

Tuscarawas County Prosecutor Ryan Styer argued that the evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Cultrona conspired with three other people to rob a Newcomerstown man at gunpoint. 

"I would suggest to you that he participated as a principal, that he was one of those masked gunmen but even if for some reason you believe that he did not, he could still be guilty of that armed robbery if he was an accomplice," he said.

Styer argued that Cultrona is also liable for crimes of the other two men charged in the robbery including felonious assault and attempted murder. 

"We’re not even alleging that he was a principal participant in the chase and the shooting. I mean, it’s very clear from the evidence that was Lambes and Casteel, and Freetage, I think, was in the backseat and she said she had her head down. What we’re saying is that he was an accomplice to those crimes," he said.

Attorney Travis Collins urged jurors to question the narrative being presented in what he called a “shotgun indictment” against his client.  

"[It's] just like Lambes and Casteel, who, by the way, I hope they put those two in prison for a long time and if they want my help, I'll come in and help them," he said. "What they did to those boys is exactly what the prosecutor is doing to Mr. Cultrona except the prosecutor’s office is using indictments instead of bullets. They’re just lobbing out shots hoping something sticks because they don’t have much of a case."

The jury is back in session again today, although it’s unclear how long it might take them to reach a verdict in the case.


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