COSHOCTON (Tusco TV) - Coshocton County Sheriff’s officials are commending a 70-year-old Kentucky man for intervening when a potentially dangerous situation arose Saturday at a fast-food restaurant.

Sheriff Timothy Rogers states in a press release that they received a call around 11:15 am about a man with a knife threatening people at the Coshocton McDonalds. Rogers says the man caught the attention of a customer in the restaurant named James Bartlett who happened to have his concealed carry permit. He says Bartlett drew his weapon and ordered the man to drop the knife, and when the man didn’t comply, Bartlett followed him outside and convinced him to put down the weapon. Rogers says thanks to Bartlett’s heroic actions, they were able to take the man into custody without any injury or loss of life. 

The man who wielded the knife has since been identified as 22-year-old Nicholas Hayes of Coshocton. He was formally charged Tuesday with attempted aggravated, a second-degree felony. Rogers says a report will be sent to the county prosecutor to review for additional charges.  


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