Tuscarawas County, Ohio (WTUZ) – Customers can now view the full water quality report for four Tuscarawas County water systems. Tuscarawas County Metropolitan District officials note that there are no issues with the results in all districts. Director and Sanitary Engineer Mike Jones explain that consumers get their water from different locations depending on the district, such as a small portion of Dover Township and Warwick Township, Wilkshire Hills, and their Dundee system. He notes that overall, there were not any quality violations in the water district. “There are certain things we test for every year and there are other different types of containments the EPA will dictate on a given year they want us to test. There are unregulated containments that we also test for, [which are] contaminants that don’t have regulated limits.” Jones adds that the Metropolitan District has set daily operations workers to perform to ensure a high water quality standard. - Mary Alice Reporting 

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