New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - Tuscarawas County employees have once again shown their generosity for helping others by contributing to worthy causes with activities like their Friday dress-down days. 

Administrative assistant and dress-down days chairperson Lori Chapman says employees raised more than $5,000 last year to benefit organizations and individuals needing emergency assistance. She says their weekly dress-down days have been a great way for the staff to help others in the community.

“We have a dress-down day every Friday at the courthouse where you pay $2 and you can wear jeans on Friday for whatever organization we’re collecting for or special person,” she says.

Chapman says sometimes they offer a special incentive to make the fundraising more competitive.

“We did one last year that was Jeans Day for United Way in January, and everybody was dressed up kind of in sports garb. We were trying to have a challenge between the different offices, and the office who did the most got a pizza,” she says. 

Chapman says the giving doesn’t end with Friday dress-down days as employees also take part in other types of fundraisers. 

“We have bake sales for the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life, we contribute to that organization. We have luncheons. They’re always willing to make food, bake things so we can raise money for these causes to help out our community,” she says. 

Chapman says any organization or group can submit a request for dress down day 2020 by contacting her at the Tuscarawas County Magistrate’s Office.


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