NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - We’ve had extreme cold, high winds, flash flooding, and a tornado. Now get ready for extreme heat. 

Tuscarawas County Emergency Management Agency Director Alex McCarthy says we should take precautions this weekend as the heat index soars over 105 degrees. 

“That means even though the air temperatures are gonna to be in the mid-90s, with the humidity we have it’s going to feel really excessively hot.  Because of that, we’ve worked with some of our community partners — libraries, senior centers, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and a few others — who have agreed to be advertised as cooling centers, places that people can go if they need to get out of the heat for a little while,” he says.

McCarthy says this is the first time they’ve publicized cooling stations, but they could be useful in case of a power outage or other situation where people can’t find another way to cool down. And if you think it’s been a busy year for extreme weather, you’re not alone.

“I’d say across Ohio this has been a significantly busy year. Tuscarawas County, we’ve had our fair share of some flash floods around here, some high temperatures and cold temperatures. Heck, we’ve had a tornado and even a significant wind storm back in February. It has definitely been a busier year,” he says.

McCarthy says people should limit their outdoor activity in the heat or drink at least a bottle of water an hour to avoid dehydration, and check on their elderly or sick neighbors. The list of cooling stations is on the EMA’s Facebook page.




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