NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - The Tuscarawas County Commissioners are moving a road widening and improvement project ahead as a Sugarcreek business expands into Franklin Township. 

Joe Sciarretti says they met with Tuscarawas County Economic Development Corporation President Harry Eadon to approve state loan terms that pay for roadwork around the new Provia location at the SR 21 and US 250 corridor. Sciarretti says they have to make sure traffic can flow smoothly once the business opens.

“Of course, they’ve purchased the 75 acres and have been building really just beautiful facilities up there. This, however, is just adjacent to both sides of that property, so this is a left-lane turning lane on 21 as well as on 250,” he says.

Sciarretti says they are expecting a significant increase in traffic once Provia opens the new location up for business.

“The Provia corporation in that area is going to bring with it at least 250 new jobs. We’re told there’s probably more jobs associated with that project,” he says. 

Sciarretti says the road work is expected to cost over a million dollars. The 10-year state infrastructure loan to the Economic Development Corporation and Provia would have a 3-percent interest rate tacked on. 



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