New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - City school officials and booster members are expressing their appreciation to the community for helping pay off the Quaker Dome early.  

Quaker Club representative Tom Farbizo says they made the final mortgage payment this month for the indoor athletic facility on East High Avenue, three years earlier than first anticipated.  

Farbizo says this $695,000 project was all done without using any taxpayer dollars. 

“The club is extremely happy to thank all the individuals, companies, foundations, anybody who helped us get this project completed, and we’re very happy to turn it over to the school,” he says.

Superintendent David Brand says donations for this have come in from all over the country.

“This is just a prime example of the Quaker nation and Quaker community. The number of donors, the number of people who supported this project is amazing,” he says.

Farbizo says paying that mortgage off early is saving the club about $25,000.  



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