Dennison, Ohio - Claymont's superintendent is going to social media to get information out to their school families ahead of a looming strike.

Scott Golec addressed some of the community's questions and concerns in a video posted Wednesday on the Claymont City Schools Facebook page. In it, he talked about how they plan to operate if their union-represented nonteaching staff members go on strike tonight as threatened at 12:01 am. Here is what he says families need to know: 


The district will not be providing transportation to or from school for the duration of the strike. The only exception will be for students who are multi-handicapped. That bus will run as usual. All other families will be responsible for providing transportation for their students.


Golec says release times will be staggered to accommodate parents with students attending multiple buildings. The district has sent a letter home with students detailing when and where their students are to be picked up.


Golec says students will still be required to come to school every day with the exception of excused absences. Parents should refer to their school's guidelines for information about what constitutes as an excused absence.


Golec says all schools will continue to offer breakfast and lunch for students. Cereal, fruit, milk and juice and milk will be available for breakfast, and lunch will initially consist of a pb&j Uncrustable and carrots.  Accommodations will be made for students with food allergies.


Claymont and the union are going back to the table again this afternoon for contract negotiations. If they are unable to reach a deal by midnight, the union workers will move forward with the strike. 

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