Uhrichsville, Ohio (WTUZ) – A local public library is seeing growth and to accommodate, they have purchased an adjoining building.

Claymont Library bought the church after the Dennison Rotary donated the full amount of $50,000.

Director Donna Moody says they will now start on renovation projects to expand their technology area.

“Which will centralize all our public computers because they’re in a big circle now and some along the wall, and get us up to speed on the ever-evolving technology, and then expand our children section as well.”

The building has three levels but the primary remodel focus will be on the main floor.

“We will actually be breaking through the walls. We’ll be renovating some of the old area as well to accommodate all the other stuff.”

Moody expects the Claymont Library to remain open during the renovations but notes that they may have to close for a couple of days. - Mary Alice Reporting

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