Dennison, Ohio - Claymont’s non-teaching employees and support staff are going on strike after nearly two years of contract negotiations.

Ohio Association of Public School Employees Local 390 notified the district’s board of education Tuesday of their intent to strike and picket beginning on March 22nd. The union represents the district’s full-time classified employees including bus drivers, custodians, secretaries, and food service workers. 

Superintendent Scott Golec said in a press release that the board intends to keep the schools open during the strike, writing that “arrangements have already begun, and the district is preparing to continue operations in the event of a work stoppage.” He noted that teachers, administrators and other non-union employees are not part of the strike and will continue to perform their regular duties.

The union is still working under a three-year contract that was originally set to expire in June of 2017. Golec said the district will continue working hard to reach a deal, even with the threatened stoppage. A union representative was not immediately available to comment on the matter. 


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