DENNISON (Tusco TV) - The recent labor strike is still creating tension at Claymont, with the school board now taking heat from staff for removing several substitutes from the district’s roster. 

Technology Aide Betty Cavanaugh attended Tuesday night’s school board meeting and spoke out in defense of two regular subs who were taken off the list for things they posted on social media during the strike. Cavanaugh said those subs were an asset to Claymont’s classrooms and suggested the board forgive and forget. 

"There were things said about OAPSE during the strike that hurt my feelings but I didn’t let it stop me. I came back to work and I do my job every day because that’s what I do. If you can’t take the criticism, then you shouldn’t be in a public job," she said.

Board member Jim Shamel said he’s been on the board for 12 years so he’s no stranger to criticism, but he thinks the subs and others crossed a line with some of the things they posted.

"When people say you need to do what’s best for the kids and I see some of the comments that were made and the actions that were done, not just by OAPSE employees but by teachers as well, I have to take that into consideration and ask myself are these people really what’s best for our kids, and that’s what I based my decision on," he said.

A third individual was also removed from sub list but Superintendent Scott Golec says that was for reasons unrelated to the strike.  


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