Reds player Carter Holbrook poses for a photo during a recent Challenger League baseball game. (Tuscarawas County Challenger League)

DOVER (Tusco TV) - Tuscarawas County Challenger League families and officials are making a final push to reach an ambitious fundraising goal as they prepare to host this year’s state tournament games.

League president Jennifer Flaherty says they’re still about $6,000 shy of raising the $50,000 they’re going to need to accommodate the players and families coming to Dover July 27th and 28th for a weekend of tournament baseball.  

“Five-hundred baseball players will be coming to play. We’re planning for 2,000 people. I know they’re coming because there are hotels that are already booked up,” she says.

Flaherty says a few more big donations still due to come in should get them close to the goal mark. Plus, they also have a big quarter auction coming up on June 22nd at Central Catholic. 

“So even before the quarter auction, we might reach our goal but when we do the quarter auction, that’s our annual fundraiser. The parents have to sell tickets for it because that’s part of their registration fees so that we can keep the registration fees down lower,” she says.

Flaherty says they're going to have some great items in the auction including signed NFL jerseys, zoo passes and tickets to an Akron Rubber Ducks game, but she says they could definitely more if anyone wants to donate.

“Raffle baskets, raffle items… nothing is ever too small or too big because if we do get some small things, we put some small things together and make big things,” she says.

Flaherty says people can message the Tuscarawas County Challenger Little League on Facebook if they want to buy tickets, make a donation, or register for a vendor space. 


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