BOLIVAR (TuscoTV) - Mayor Rebecca Hubble led the Bolivar Village Council in its first February meeting Monday night. Hubble says the village should anticipate the impending Census, as Bolivar will be counted this year.


“This is a big thing. It’s how we get our money; it’s how funding is funneled down to us. And so, we want everyone counted, and I just want to make sure the people in our village know it’s important,” Hubble says.


National Census Day is April 1, 2020. It is recognized every ten years. Starting in June, Census counters will start going door-to-door, to account for villagers who have not filled out their questionnaires. On December 31, the count becomes official in the House of Representatives.


Mayor Hubble also addressed Bolivar Main Street and the annual Strawberry Festival, which were restructured in a meeting earlier in the day.


“Area business owners, concerned residents, councilmen and leaders in our community met today to restructure. Our plan is to have Strawberry Festival June 18th, 19th, and 20th,” Hubble says.


Elected President of Bolivar Main Street was Bob Smith, with Justin Wallace as Vice President and Jessica Gard as Secretary/Treasurer. Megan Gettan and Rebecca Hubble were named Strawberry Fesitval Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively.


During the Public Speaks portion of the meeting, Assistant Prosecutor Amanda K. Miller discussed her plan for a Juvenile Work Program as a way to lessen rising county indictments.


Says Miller, “We indicted over 535 felonies last year. That has broken every record. And the number of juveniles that reach the age of eighteen and seamlessly transitioned into the adult felony court, that number has grown every year.”


Miller says shes traveling to all county townships and cities to discuss the proposed new work program, which harkens back to a similar program a decade ago and will help juveniles find a sense of purpose and community commitment.


“When kids have something constructive to do, they don’t get in trouble, they get a work ethic, they gain life skills, and that’s really a foundational missing piece that I see in juvenile court.”


The Bolivar Village Council will reconvene Monday, March 2nd. They meet at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of every month at 117 Canal St.