Canton, Ohio (WJER) - The Bureau of Workers Compensation has some safety tips with harsh winter weather in the weekend forecast. 

Safety Consultant Cari Gray says winter storms bring a higher number of car accidents and fall injuries. She says being mindful when you’re out and about is the best way to avoid any incidents.

“Typically when you’re driving, you should give yourself three to four seconds in between other cars. Well, if the roads are icy, you really want to think about maybe going eight or ten seconds and letting some of those cars that maybe are going to fast or going faster, let them get on by you,” she says.

Gray says slow and steady also applies to anyone walking in the snow. She says fall injuries can be avoided by being prepared and patient.

“You want the right kind of footwear that gives you the right kind of traction. They make a lot of overlays and things that you can put over your shoes and your boots,” she says. “Something like that, you find those at any of the big box stores. They’re relatively cheap. It’s certainly cheaper than an ER visit.”

Gray says if you end up having to go to the hospital around these snow events, you’ll need to save some patience as emergency rooms will likely be busy.

“Health conditions or heart conditions, you’re more likely to need to visit an ER room, so be safe with that. Car accidents do go up when the weather gets bad, so yeah, you really do expect the ER rooms to be more busy. You expect them to have a little bit longer wait,” she says.

Gray says the best bet is to plan ahead so you can avoid going out during the snowstorm altogether and avoid the seasonal hazards.


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