Ohio Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Dr. John Richard was among the guests who toured the Buckeye Career Center and observed the trade education programs as part of the school's Director for a Day program. (Buckeye Career Center)

New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - Buckeye Career Center put some officials from different sectors into the director’s seat to witness what students are offered on a daily basis. 

The 5th annual Director for a Day program brought business leaders, dignitaries and department heads into the school to observe a day for students. Superintendent Bob Alsept says they are always surprised by the high-quality education that Buckeye provides. 

“People say, ‘Career centers, that’s where those kids go,’” he says. “The truth is that’s where these kids go, these kids that are high achievers, they’ve got a plan for their future, and they’re working to get the skills necessary.”

One of the visitors was Ohio Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Dr. John Richard from the. He says he was impressed with the mature culture the school encourages.

“You can see that in the way the students kind of display themselves and engage you in conversation like they’re kind of living out the belief system they say they are trying to achieve,” he says.

Richard says he enjoys visiting schools to help him reconnect with the people being impacted by the policies he helps enact at the state level. He says Buckeye is an example of a successful vocational program in Ohio. 

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