NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - Tuscarawas County voting officials say there’s still some work to do regarding Tuesday's primary election.  

Board Director Allan Sayre says there are 37 provisional ballots as well as some outstanding absentee ballots that could be arriving by mail. those that are approved will be added in during the certification process starting May 20th, though Sayre says he’s not expecting any outcome changes.

“We still have some provisionals and possibly some absentees that could come in that could be counted, but as it looks right now, it doesn’t look like anything’s close enough to warrant an automatic recount,” he says.

Sayre says voter turnout was about where they expected it to be for an odd-year primary.

“It was pretty good for the Dover schools area, but then after that, it dropped down pretty substantially through the rest of the county,” he says.

Sayre says they also have to wait on Holmes and Coshocton counties to report to Tuscarawas county on the Garaway school levy before the results are official.    


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