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(Photo by Mikey Rogers)



At 5 o’clock pm on May 31st, protesters joined outside of the New Philadelphia courthouse in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Outraged was sparked Monday morning where video showed a police officer kneeling on the neck of Gergoe Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota. Floyd was seen gasping for air and calling out “I cant breath” in the video. Since then, many protests have sprung up in many cities all around the country and the globe calling for an end to police brutality. Many of the protests across the country have ended with violence, as buildings, police cars, and national monuments have been burned and vandalized. In many cities, such as Minneapolis-MN and Columbus-OH, the National Guard has been called in to police the area and disband violence. 

With tensions rising from the COVID-19 pandemic and the violent protests around the country, it was a cause for concern within our community. Tuscarawas County has been deeply impacted from the pandemic, forcing many business owners to shut down for over two months. Business owners and many different organizations across the county are in the re-building phase, and having to adapt to the new CDC guidelines. But unlike many of the areas across the U.S, Tuscarawas County was able to shine a positive spotlight by peacefully protesting and working with law enforcement. 

Protesters of all ages and ethnicities joined outside of the courthouse at 5PM, with chants such as “I can’t breath”, “Black Lives Matter”, and “Say his name, George Floyd”. Local law enforcement blocked off many of the roads in New Philadelphia to help facilitate the movement. Protesters and police officers worked together to ensure peace, and help exercise the country’s first amendment right. At approximately 5:30 pm, protesters marched in support of Geroge Floyd to Tuscora Park, accompanied by police to ensure the safety of all who attended the event. Once everyone safely arrived at the park, protesters and law enforcement shared a moment of prayer and silence for the memory of Geroge Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. Voices were heard, as many different people of all ethnicities spoke at the event. After another moment of silence, protesters marched back to the courthouse with more chants against police brutality. The event disbanded in an orderly and peaceful manner at approximately 8:30pm, with no violence or damage to the town.

Tuscarawas County led the way for change and equality, while keeping the event civilized and peaceful. Local law enforcement and protesters worked together, while maintaining peace and civility. 


-Mikey Rogers, Tusco Tv.