Youth leaders from Tusky Valley, Tuscarawas Central Catholic, Dover and Strasburg met with the Tuscarawas County Commissioners recently to discuss their plans for raising awareness in their schools about the dangers of drug use during Red Ribbon Week. (Photo by Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV)

Tuscarawas County, Ohio - High school students throughout Tuscarawas County will be wearing red ribbons this week as a sign of their commitment to drug-free living.

Red Ribbon Week is a nationwide campaign lasting from October 23rd to October 31st that empowers young people to raise awareness in their schools and communities about the devastating impact of drug use. The campaign originated in 1985 in response to the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, who dedicated his life to preventing drug-related violence in his community.   

Youth leaders from Tusky Valley, Tuscarawas Central Catholic, Dover, and Strasburg met recently with the Tuscarawas Commissioners to discuss their plans for this year’s Red Ribbon Week.

At Tusky Valley, students will be setting up a display of travel-themed items to go along with the theme for this year’s campaign: “Life is Your Journey. Travel Drug-Free.” Students at Tuscarawas Central Catholic High School will be decorating the school’s hallways and doors, and Strasburg students will be hosting a door-decorating contest and handing out water bottles featuring anti-drug messages during games and assemblies. 

Hannah Yoder is the coordinator for Personal and Family Counseling Services’ Youth-Led Prevention program. She noted that Claymont will also be participating in the campaign but their student leaders were not available that day to meet with the commissioners. 

“They’re having everyone in the school wear red on Wednesday, October 24th, and they’re also going to be passing out red ribbons that the students themselves are making, and they’re also doing a door-decorating contest, as well,” she said. “They’re really trying to push that initiative in their school.” 

The commissioners commended the students for their leadership and for the legacy they are creating for future students. 

“The commissioners really value what you’re doing in the schools,” said Commissioner Kerry Metzger. “Keep up the good work.”

They also issued a proclamation declaring October 23rd to October 31st Red Ribbon Week in Tuscarawas County and encouraging residents to show their support by participating in drug prevention education activities.


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