Tuscarawas County, Ohio (WJER) - The county’s anti-drug coalition is raising some concerns over the legalization of medical marijuana.  

Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition Coordinator Jodi Salvo says with medical marijuana dispensaries now opening up in Ohio, including one in Canton, they don’t want to see more kids thinking the products are ok for them.

“Our mission is to prevent youth substance use, and I think just the messaging that has been pumped out around marijuana as medicine is really probably softening children’s view on the potential harmfulness for youth use of marijuana,” she says.

Salvo says the only products available right now at the dispensaries contain pure THC, which gets users high and can increase the potential for addiction, and she’s worried about the appeal to youth.

“You’re not allowed to smoke marijuana from the dispensaries but you are allowed to vape it, and our kids are very favorable right now, not only in the state but across the nation, to vaping,” she says. 

Salvo says the coalition also hopes to educate parents to get this message through to the kids.

“This is not safe for them, and that we do not want them to use marijuana products, especially with the properties that would get them high,” she says. “I think that will fuel our addiction problem.”

Salvo says the coalition is working with the ADAMHS Board to set up a medical marijuana forum in early March to give information to prevent youth use.  


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