New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - Free help is available for people needing some direction signing up or changing their plan through the health insurance marketplace. The open enrollment period started this month and goes through December 15th.  

Jill Logan is the Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator for Community Mental Healthcare in Dover. She says she’s available for appointments to walk people through the process.

“I can start with the very basics. Do you have questions about insurance? Do you need help applying? Can I help guide you through the website? Do you need help with the application? I can do all of the above,” she says.

Logan says individuals can also get a head start by going to and entering their zip code and annual income to see what they qualify for.

“With that information, it will bring up a number of plans with a number of prices and benefits offered. You can literally look at these and pick and choose what you want,” she says.   

She says that people are often surprised by what they can get on the marketplace and how easy the process can be.

Logan can be reached for appointments by calling Community Mental Healthcare at  330-343-6631.                                             

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