NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - The tunes will soon be returning to the hillside at Tuscora Park for the summer. 

The Rty Summer Showcase concert series is kicking off its 22nd season at the amphitheater with the New Philadelphia jazz and steel drum bands this Sunday evening.  co-producer Joe Croft says as always, most concerts are on Sunday nights. They have returning favorites like the Dominic Greco band, along with Jerome James and Jericho, as well as some additions.

“We do have some great new shows this year as well. We have a band called Blue Steel out of the Clarksburg, West Virginia area. I would classify them I guess as a new grass/bluegrass band. They’re bluegrass style but they also do some popular hits in a bluegrass style. [They’re] a lot of fun, a very, very good band,” he says.

Croft reminds visitors that they have golf carts to help get you to your seat from the parking lots if needed.

“Twenty-two years of Summer Showcase. It’s still free, still a great place to come for a summer evening, and I’d like to remind people there’s really no excuse not to come out,” he says. “We’re going to get you up there, even for those that may have a little trouble making that walk.”

The Rty Summer Showcase concert series runs from this weekend through September 2nd at the Tuscora Park Amphitheater. 


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