Tuscarawas County News

Dr. Amy Acton resigns as Ohio Department of Health director

Today, Dr Amy Acton has reigned as the director of the Ohio Department of Health, but will still advise Gov. Mike Dewine on COVID-19 and other health related issues.

The Tuscarawas County Courthouse is reopening June 15th 

On June 15th, The County Courthouse will reopen to the public. Anyone wishing to enter the courthouse will be screened by security and are REQUIRED to wear a face covering upon entering the building.…

New Philadelphia City Schools are excited to announce partnership with the Tuscarawas County Library!

he purpose of the partnership is to help students continue developing their reading skills over the summer months. The Tuscarawas County Library is preparing “packets” for K-12 students. New…

Movie Theaters among venues allowed to open June 10th!

Ohio Governor, Mike Dewine announced on Thursday that more businesses could operate in the coming weeks. From the Governors twitter page, he stated: “The entertainment venues listed here may open…